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hymn_of_static's Journal

Hymn of Static: A multi-fandom RP Comm in SH
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The hollow noise of a siren calls the damned ever-closer to their final judgement, in a place that is not far-off but distant. The pentitent slowly break down the barriers between the normal world and the other world, drawing ever-closer to judgement and atonement while the damned continue their foolish schemes, delaying their endless torment.


Hymn of Static is a multi-fandom role-playing community based in the town of Silent Hill and its surrounding area. Characters lost in this world are doomed to suffer through their guilts and crimes that they committed, leading up to their final judgement at the hands of the town itself. In order to understand what it is that they feel they need to be punished for, characters will have to wage battle with internal and external demons, solve fiendish puzzles, and crawl deeper into the abyss of their minds.

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